So John Cena Is A Car Vlogger

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John Cena has to be the second most-loved American celebrity made famous by wrestling, right? Apparently he’s also really into cars. It seems as though Cena’s been making a YouTube car show on his fiancée’s channel for, like, six months. Huh.

I usually try to keep a close eye out for new sources of car videos as soon as they come online, but somehow Auto Geek John Cena on The Bella Twins YouTube Channel has eluded my internet trawling until this week.

In the few seconds I was willing to invest researching the matter, I learned that WWE wrestler/minor celeb Nikki Bella (not her real name) is married to John Cena (in real life) while another wrestler Daniel Bryan (not his real name) is married to Nikki’s sister Brie Bella (actual relation... unclear) and The Bella Twins is basically a low key reality show vlog about these people’s lives.


Anyway, the car stuff is a small sliver of the channel’s content but it is actually not bad.

Cena’s car videos do not have the tire-slaying shenanigans of Chris Harris’ or the hopeless encyclopedic nerdery of Raphael Orlove’s, but he’s witty and is genuinely fired up about the parade of exotic cars that seem to come through his driveway.


This is probably not the show you’re going to learn deep auto-industry secrets or high performance driving tips from. Think more like MTV Cribs, but for the kind of cars you can rent for $1,500 a day in Beverly Hills.

What can I say; I don’t hate it. Cena is just fun to watch no matter what he’s up to. And it’s kind of mind blowing that he can fit in a Ferrari.


CORRECTION [12/1]: A reader pointed out that Cena’s merely engaged, not married just yet. This has been fixed above.