Jerry Seinfeld's Vision For The Future Of Car Advertising Is Amazing

Car advertising is missing something. Some pizzazz. Zork. Kapowie. The it factor. Jerry Seinfeld knows it. And he just teamed up with Acura to make some of the finest car ads you'll ever see.


Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is sponsored by Acura, and for the upcoming season that premieres on January 2nd, he got the opportunity to have a big say in what ads run before and after his show.

Last season, there was strange product placement and classic Acura ads, this season we seem to have Mad Men thrust right into the 21st century.

Like Chrysler has done with the sheer onslaught of 70 Ron Burgundy Dodge Durango ads, Acura and Seinfeld have gone out on a limb to do something different with car advertising. I think it works. It's not lame. It's not boring. These are classic ads applied to a modern car. Right now there are eight of them, but hopefully more are coming.

Even if the RLX is more boring than plain yogurt, these ads actually make me interested in the car. Well done Mr. Seinfeld. Well done.



It seems to me the ads are pointing out cheap things about the car that have been standard for decades. I understand when economy cars have to point out power windows and cupholders as their standout features, but they could be pointing out legitimate features in this classic style without it being out of place.