Jeremy Clarkson Supporters Just Drove A Freaking Tank To The BBC

Illustration for article titled Jeremy Clarkson Supporters Just Drove A Freaking Tank To The BBC

People are pissed that Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear and the rest of the season has been cancelled. Apparently they're so pissed that they're driving a tank to the BBC. This is a real thing that just happened.


This is all part of the petition that is meant to show support of Jeremy and has garnered one million signatures. The tank was used to transport the petition to the BBC to reinstate Clarkson from the no meal 'fracas' that got the host suspended last week.

Of course, the petition almost definitely won't do anything to sway the BBC. The BBC knows Clarkson and Top Gear are popular, that's why they've employed him for so long despite being so controversial. It depends on the actual truth of what happened to producer Oisin Tymon, not what one million people on the internet think.


But driving a tank to the BBC? That sounds exactly like something Clarkson would do. Way to capture the spirit.


Top Photo: Vine via Emily Unia


Chris_K_F drives an FR-Slow

So they were able to get a tank, but they couldn't find someone with an actual Simpson Racing Diamondback helmet to present himself as a Stig that doesn't look like he bought one of those really crappy knock off Halloween costumes that costs $20 at Walgreens?

Come on, folks!