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If you've been living in your underground bunker for the last week, you may not have heard that Top Gear has been suspended due to a 'fracas' involving Jeremy Clarkson, a producer, and dinner. A report now says that the BBC offered to have James May and Richard Hammond finish the season without Clarkson, but the pair refused.


Reports state that the pair of presenters told a BBC executive that they "didn't want to do it without Jeremy."


The duties would have reportedly just been some short studio bits while the majority of the program would be recorded, but it seems the presenters are... ahem... presenting a united front to the BBC in terms of negotiating.

The trio are supposed to appear at Top Gear Live in Norway at the end of the month, but there is no word on if that show will continue. Their contracts with the BBC also expire at the end of March, so any sort of discipline could be a moot point.

We know one place that'd be willing to hire them...

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