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Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear by the BBC following an alleged dispute with a producer. The show will not be broadcast this Sunday, and it puts the future of the hugely popular series in doubt. UPDATED


The BBC has posted the following on their site:

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson suspended by the BBC "following a fracas" with a producer


And The Independent has this statement from the BBC:

Following a fracas with a BBC producer Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended pending an investigation. No one else has been suspended. Top Gear will not be broadcast this Sunday. The BBC will be making no further comment at this time.

Clarkson has always been controversial in the public eye. Last year the BBC basically put him on probation and said he'd be fired if he did anything else offensive following a video that surfaced where he allegedly said the n-word, which he later apologized for. The recent Argentina episode also had him under fire for the license plate on his car, though that was not the doing of him or Top Gear.


More as we have it.

UPDATE: Clarkson allegedly threw a punch at a producer.


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