Tell Us: What's Your Favorite Episode Of Top Gear?

Tonight, for better or worse, the car show that defined car shows is coming to a close. Before we usher in a new era of automotive comedy, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the best car show... in the world. What are your favorite episodes from the show? When did Top Gear make you fall in love with cars? What’s… »6/28/15 12:01pm6/28/15 12:01pm

How Top Gear Made Us All Care About Cars

The third biggest loser in this sad saga of Top Gear is the wider car media, and the business that surrounds it. Of course the first is the vast fan base that has followed the show for many years. The second, assuming the brand struggles to survive, is the team who work on it - and I can’t imagine how they feel right… »6/28/15 4:08am6/28/15 4:08am

The Time I Almost Got Top Gear's Hosts Murdered In America

We weren’t very good with planning on Top Gear. The stuff we put loads of work into often turned out badly. Hence never-loved features like Barn Or Bin or the utter tossfest of Top Gear Stuntman. Whereas the things we didn’t really plan for often became unexpectedly good or turned out to be important. Hence the… »5/25/15 12:00pm5/25/15 12:00pm

Clarkson Admits Fault For Fracas That Ended Top Gear As We Know It

Jeremy Clarkson appeared on Chris Evans’ BBC radio show today in his first public interview since he was dropped from Top Gear. There wasn’t much actual news, but he did say that he can’t complain at all since it was really all his fault. Because he’s the one who punched a producer in the face. »5/21/15 10:47am5/21/15 10:47am

James May: All Three Top Gear Hosts Might Be Back On The BBC Again

When Jeremy Clarkson was told he was finished at Top Gear, everyone just sort of assumed that was that. The show was over, at least in its then-current incarnation, and we’d all have to find something new to watch on Sundays (Nurse Jackie, obvi). But co-host James May just said it might not be over for the trio. »4/23/15 2:29pm4/23/15 2:29pm

Clarkson Thought He Had Cancer And Wants A New Show, Hammond Is Bored

You saw the headline, right up there? Up top? The one involving Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and non- Top Gear? And you’re still clicking through? Good, then we’re all on the same page. Because there’s plenty of things to drudge through in the world of non-Top Gear, starting with the Ape and the Hamster.
»4/20/15 5:15pm4/20/15 5:15pm

Rumored Clarkson Top Gear Replacement Sue Perkins Received Death Theats

As the BBC mulls what to do with the money-spewing Top Gear franchise without sacked star Jeremy Clarkson or his two co-presenters, some have floated the idea that comedian, broadcaster and The Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins could take his place. Naturally, this means she gets death threats on Twitter. »4/14/15 12:03pm4/14/15 12:03pm

Jeremy Clarkson Now Just Auctioning Off Piles Of Literal Crap

Tired of the whole What Is Jeremy Clarkson Doing Now That He’s Got More Free Time On His Hands, You Know, After He Got Fired From Top Gear, Yes, Top Gear, Remember That Show, It Was On TV Like Twelve Years Ago thing? No? Great. Here’s Clarkson auctioning off a pile of literal crap. And also, talking about Top Gear. »4/13/15 10:30am4/13/15 10:30am