Cantankerous Brit, Top Gear host, and all around automotive badass Jeremy Clarkson is currently on a great American vacation. And while he has been tweeting some of his more negative feelings for our great country, we're willing to bet he's having a ton of fun.


Now his daughter has dropped a pretty big Twitter hint as to what his next stop will be.

Intrepid reader Nick pointed out that Santa Monica is approximately 329 miles from Monterey. Next week is Pebble Beach Car Week. That's also in Monterey. Then again, it's also about the same distance to San Quintin, Mexico. Perhaps he's heading south of the border.

We do want to point out that we are not trying to ruin Clarkson's family vacation and you shouldn't either. If you do see him, act like you just saw a wild panther and go near him at your own risk and only in a very public place. If you do speak to him, you probably won't be mauled, but be prepared for a verbal lashing unlike any you've ever had before.


If you're lucky enough to be a victim of Clarkson's vitriol, email us a detailed account at, get photos, and make sure to let him know Jalopnik sent you.

(Hat Tip to Nick!)

Photo Credit: Hannah Johnston/Getty

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