Jeremy Clarkson is known for not having the highest opinions of Americans. He once said that "America's only contribution to Western civilization" is allowing people to turn right on red lights.

Now, Clarkson is on vacation in America with his family, but that doesn't mean he has changed his opinions of us Yanks. But he's also tweeting and giving away details of his locations. Let's find him.


Right now, Jeremy and family are in Miami International Airport, and sounds like it's somewhere that he REALLY likes!

But Florida is not the end destination for the cantankerous Top Gear host. Nope, he's going to California:


Now, we aren't geographers, but from what we do know, California is quite large. So, any Cali Jalops, keep your eyes open for a giant, balding British man with awful green teeth, a big gut, and an incredibly sharp tongue in the off chance that you can run into one of our motoring heroes. Make sure to take a photo and email us at tips at jalopnik dot com.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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