Illustration for article titled Jenson Buttons Other Car Is A Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520 Estate

F1 champion Jenson Button's taken delivery of one of twenty batshit-crazy 520-hp Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520s. Better yet, he bought an Estate. Our team of experts have determined this is the exact moment wagons are now cool for the masses.


Just in case you missed the headlines before, the DR 520 is a super limited-edition top-o-the-heap AMG C63 fitted with the Performance Pack Plus (forged pistons, new connecting rods, and a revised crankshaft) with 520 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. The DR 520-specific bits include a matte-finish vinyl wrap, custom embroidered interior, and carbon-fiber aero bits.


Jenson Button took delivery of his matte black Estate copy at Mercedes-Benz World Weybridge, Surrey, UK, where it's postulated the wagon-awesomeness event horizon originated. Current predictions place wagons being acceptable and even preferred transportation for the so-far anti-wagon public within 24 hours.

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