Illustration for article titled Mercedes C-Class DR 520: The Doctor Is A Nutter

For the super-limited-edition Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520, Stuttgart started with a C63 AMG, added 60 horses, the AMG Performance Pack Plus, and matte black or white vinyl wrap. Zero to 62 mph in 4.1 seconds. Win.


The downside of a station wagon with 520 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque is that it's 0.1 second slower to 62 mph than its sedan sibling, but that's something we can live with. Well, not we so much as the 20 lucky bastards who manage to snap up Mercedes's latest exclusive offering. The sinister looks include the obvious vinyl wrap, a custom embroidered interior, and carbon-fiber aero bits, but the scorching look is backed up by that no-joke AMG Performance Pack Plus. It includes forged pistons, new connecting rods, and a revised crankshaft. Oh, yeah, and it's only available in Britain — £62,430 on the road, or nearly $95,000 in dollars American.


See how it's done, BMW?

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