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Jeep Owner Clicks Bedliner Option One Too Many Times

Illustration for article titled Jeep Owner Clicks Bedliner Option One Too Many Times

Covering a car in Rhino bedliner spray is something we've been thinking about ever since we found out that this V8-powered 2CV had a similar setup. And while the 2CV maintained a rather classy and safari-appropriate white color, this Jeep Grand Cherokee has been drenched with the standard-issue light black color. While an interesting idea, we're a bit curious if this doesn't have a few unfortunate side effects. Spotted by MotiveMag member ThatsGoodT, this Jeep is for sale for anyone looking for something tougher than your average Orvis Edition Jeep. Who needs a bed when you can have 60 gallons of bedliner?



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Dead_Elvis, Inc.

regarding non-traditional paint alternatives, when I was at UVM at the dawn of the 1990s, I used to see a Volvo 164 around town (Burlington, VT) regularly that was entirely covered in blue Astroturf. Done really nicely, too - all of the chrome trim strips, badging, etc had been retained, placed over or cut into the 'turf. Must have added an awful lot of weight, esp in the rain. Can't imagine it did much for the already brickish aerodynamics, either.