V8 Citroen 2CV For Safari Hoons

Amidst the sea of high-dollar muscle cars and carnauba-soaked hot rods, the last car you'd expect to see on the main floor of Autorama is a small French car. Any sort of Citroën 2CV would be distinct, but when it's one sporting safari survival equipment, off-road suspension, and a small block V8 under the hood, it looks fantastically wacky. Drivetrain and suspension bits come from an old Suzuki Samurai, hence this car's name: "Le Sami." No House of Kolor pearl ghost flames here; Le Sami has been painted coated with a thick layer of spray-on bedliner— yes, the stuff for pickup truck beds. That coating not only makes the car scratch-resistant, but also adds a degree of rigidity to the weak Citroën structure. So while most of the other cars on the show floor will only be driven off of trailers and over mirrors, this 2CV will be driven not just on the road, but off the beaten path as well.


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Rob Emslie

I saw a TV show where they were blowing things up, and they found that the spray-on bed liner material was a pretty decent protectant from the explosive force. This guy should market this thing to the Army. Probably better than the Humvees for protecting from IEDs.