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Jeep 'Custom Map Hood Decal' Is A Cheesy Accessory I Love

Illustration for article titled Jeep Custom Map Hood Decal Is A Cheesy Accessory I Love
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Jeep is now offering topographical map hood decals as a Mopar add-on for the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, and Wrangler Unlimited. For $300, the dealer print any location you want on this cool black-on-darker-black hood graphic. Neato!


You can play with the configurator on Jeep's website right here; pick from one of several "popular off-road spots" or popping in any zip code you want. Then just move the map around with your cursor, choose streets, topography, or both to show up and see what it looks like on any of the afore-mentioned Jeep SUVs in any color.

Jeep is all about details that allude to adventure and OEM upgrades, both of which I tend to be a sucker for. Knowing how much graphics tend to cost, and considering this giant sticker is made by quality-company 3M to match the rest of your Jeep's design, I'd even say the price is pretty reasonable.


That's my neighborhood on the SUVs above. Does yours come out looking good on a Jeep hood decal, or would you rather slap one of America's classic off-road tracks on there? That is, if you don't think I'm a tasteless nutter for liking this.

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It might be cheesy but I love it too!