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We've been all over the 2015 Jeep Renegade, heard how fuel efficient it's going to be and how many toys are going to be crammed into its tiny frame. But since Jeep loves to remind us about their seven-slatted off-road heritage, let's see if we can find every easter egg on their new mini SUV.

The metal fuel can-style "X" marking is so pervasive I'd be more apt to call it the design theme rather than an Easter Egg. I noticed it in the taillights, roof, cup holders, and shifter surround. Where else have you seen it, and what other heritage-harkening details did we miss?

1. Topgraphical Map and Sarge Grille in the cargo tray below the center stack.

2. Topographical map in the center console storage bin.


3. Sarge grille in the headlight bulb support (we've seen this one on Jeeps before).

4. Sarge stamped into the taillight lens.


5. Military-style "NO STEP!" warning stamped into the side skirt. Heed this, you'd snap it right off if you put any weight on it.

6. Sarge grille in the speaker surrounds.


7. Sarge grille on both sides of the support behind the rear-view mirror

8. Willys Jeep painted on the Trailhawk wheels.


9. Sarge grille stamped into the inside of the tailgate.

Not a true Easter Egg, but Jeep even managed to work that "X" into the Renegade Trailhawk's badge.


Doesn't really count as an Easter Egg either, but Jeep wants you to remember they've been a thing "Since 1941" every time you look at the infotainment screen.


Interior Analysis

Seats in the Jeep Renegade are splattered with perpendicular logo-text like a 90's European rental car. I didn't mind this so much as the texture of those seats, which feels about as solid as a Wal-Mart windbreaker. Piped leather in the Trailhawk is substantially better.


Can't wait to see how dramatically the Renegade's performance really changes with a twist of this knob.


Door cards felt "lightweight." That is to say, I have toy trucks that feel more robust. The solid parts of the door feel like styrofoam and the "soft-touch" felt in the center could have come out of a preschool craft kit.

That being said, I'll cut the Renegade some slack here because this is a show car. When the real deal drops, we can make a more finalized judgement.


Interesting take on the redline illustration. I think it's supposed to be mud, but part of me wants to interpret this as "Car Explodes Here!"

The back seat of the Renegade is tight. I'm a scrawny six feet tall, and with the front seat in a position I was comfortable sitting, the rear seat gave me just enough room to keep my knees off the seat ahead of me. With a magazine stuck in the pouch, I'd be pretty much stuck.



We did not spot the Sarge anywhere in the windshield, or under the hood. So which secret trim piece surprised you the most? Have you seen any others we might have missed?

Images: Brian Williams