It looks like Jay Leno has some apprehensions about Top Gear America, and we're guessing he hasn't even seen the poorest imitation yet. In his column for The Sunday Times, he lists the reasons why he thinks the program is doomed (and he doesn't even mention Adam Corolla as host). Most importantly, he thinks the show is going to lose the edge it has because it'll bow to sponsors who don't like having their cars criticized. In addition, he feels as though the show is going to be produced by people not interested in cars. Don't believe us. Check out his conversation with producers below the jump.

So someone calls me from the network and is clearly not a car person. He says: "You like cars, right?" I say yes. "Like, all kinds of cars?" Well, yes. I like all kinds of cars. Why? "Well, the network has bought the TV show . . . um . . . High Gear? Top Gear? Top Gear! Top Gear, yes. We know you like to build cars."

I ask: what's the plan for the show? "Well, like, one week you build a car that flies and the next week you make a car that goes under water." So I said: you know you can't build these things in a week.

These are interesting words from someone who was a popular choice for host. Just so long as the British version doesn't disappear... [Times Online via eGMCarTech]