Jay Leno Drives A Supervillain Jeep With 50-Inch Tires And No Lift

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You might recognize the Fab Fours Legend from SEMA a few months ago. Now that Leno's had a chance to take it out on the road we pretty much have to believe it is indeed real... though part of me's still pretty sure this is an R/C car or CGI animation.

Fab Fours makes bumpers for trucks and Jeeps, the sole purpose of this bizarre monstermobile was to get more people to their show booth and I hear it worked pretty damn well.


To make this beast, 4" were chopped off the top of the JK and a whole lotta body was hacked up to accommodate 50" tractor tires. Red-tinted windows provide strip club ambiance inside, and render nighttime driving "very dangerous" to "impossible."

Engine, transmission, and driveline are bone stock so Jay figures "you're not sacrificing reliability." Yeah; the steering wheel's barely connected to the column and suspension looks about as stable as a giraffe on roller skates so I don't think you'd want to do much daily driving in this Cracker Jack car, but it sure does have some road presence.

What kind of bribe did Fab Fours had to give the South Carolina DMV to get a license plate on this... or should I just start registering all my sketchy derelict vehicles down there?


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