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James May's Turgid Adolescent Dream: The Yammy Fizzie!

Illustration for article titled James Mays Turgid Adolescent Dream: The Yammy Fizzie!

When I was a young NorCal proto-hoon yearning for my first set of internal-combustion wheels, my peers and I figured a clean 350 Chevelle was the best we could reasonably hope for, and a fine aspiration that was. Over in the UK, however, our English counterparts were jonesing for Yamaha FS1-E sports mopeds as their barely-obtainable dream vehicle (well, if Captain Slow is to be believed, that is). As Mr. May puts it in his column, the FS1-E was 'the world's best example of marketing opportunism in the face of a legislative loophole,' providing cheap, reasonably quick wheels to 16-year-olds, who were otherwise prohibited from riding motorcycles. Sadly, May never actually obtained his FS1-E, but he finally had a chance to ride one. Read all about it in his Telegraph column.


As seen on TV: All I want for Christmas 1977 []

Captain Slow Goes 407.4 Kilometers Per Hour! [internal]

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Oh yes, us 14 and 15 year olds in England back in the late 70s and early 80s had our sights firmly set on getting a Fizzie. Whoever you knew that had one was somehow cooler than everyone else. From your 16th birthday to your 17th birthday, all you were allowed to ride was a 50cc moped, and that was the most modifyable. Had to get around that 2.5HP restriction.