Future Classic Top Gear: Captain Slow Goes 407.4 Kilometers Per Hour!

The other, other thing we love about Top Gear, is how the production quality keeps rising and rising each and every year. Here in season seven nine, James May "gives the beans" to Bugatti's 1,001hp extra special wonder triple double fantastic super car, the indomitable Veyron. There's not much more to say except that we're betting you'll like this one.

James May on the XJS [Internal]

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An amazing piece of television, my jaw dropped at that. Top Gear's production values are setting new standards and deserve another Emmy for that alone - in fact, it makes the Hamster's crash look a bit lame. I've never seen anything that conveys such an enormous sense of speed and pushing the boundaries of physics and automotive engineering.

p.s. Did anyone else snigger when James mentioned in his intro to this piece that Clarkson had driven the Veyron within the speed limit? My fat Irish ass he did!