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James May Bought Half A Pub And Needs You To Name The Bathrooms

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

James May, former host of Top Gear and current co-host of The Grand Tour, has invested in a pub during one of the worst moments in history imaginable to do such a thing, but his main concern is renaming the restrooms.

May’s new pub looks nice. It’s called the Royal Oak, an 18th Century inn located in Walton Somerset in the UK. It seems like exactly the sort of establishment somebody like James May would have no problem dumping money into because it fits his aesthetic. Plus, it looks like there’s potentially a pretty big yard for car shows.

As May explains, he’s hired a pub manager that comes highly recommended from a group of locals who “didn’t want him anymore,” and the establishment itself has never made a profit. To that point, May notes, it was easy for him to get it because nobody else wanted it.


May’s biggest issue with the new pub is not the lack of profitability, the need to renovate and redecorate, the rising price of selling alcohol in establishments like his, nor the global pandemic keeping all of his potential customers at home. No, May’s big issue with the new spot is the signage for the bathrooms.

Currently, signage directing patrons to the bathroom reads as “Loos Garden,” but May says he objects to the word “Loos.” We see May immediately assign somebody to paint over the current signs, but I presume that is a temporary solution, as he’s directed us to come up with an alternative.


Also, if you’re in the area, the pub is opening soon and you can go eat and drink at James May’s pandemic pub, if that’s something you’re keen to do now. Just show up with a good bathroom name suggestion. I think I’m going to go with Potty Paddock.