Jamaican VW Dealership Loves Super Bowl Ad So Much They're Remaking It

Look! The Volkswagen Super Bowl commercials really aren't racist after all. How do we know this? Because it turns out the Jamaicans love it, too!


In fact, one Jamaican Volkswagen dealership likes it so much, they're centering a contest around it. ATL Automotive of Jamaica is giving away a "gift pack" (oooh!) as part of their "Redo the Scene" competition. What's in the gift pack? They don't tell us! That makes it even more enticing if you ask me.

Here's what you have to do to win: Re-enact one of six scenes in VW's "Get Happy" ad, film it, and then send it off to the dealership via their Facebook page. Then people can get on and vote for the winning video. As of this writing, three videos have already been submitted.

It's probable that you have to live in Jamaica to win, but you guys are welcome to give it a try yourselves. It's just not likely that you'll win, seeing as how you'll be competing against, you know, real Jamaicans. Unlike the fellow in the VW ad.


Hat tip to Crossdrilled!

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