2013 Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Turns Suburban Office Workers Into Jamaicans

If you've ever wondered how to turn a suburban office full of striped tie-wearing squares into patois-speaking Jamaicans, all it takes is a Volkswagen New New Beetle. Or at least that's the rationale used in Volkswagen's newest ad for the Beetle.

But don't worry, VW's marketing folks haven't lost their minds. They've hit their target market squarely in its mayonaise-loving Caucasian heart with this Super Bowl ad, and have tapped deep into the Beige psyche that drives mainstream car buying trends. It makes perfect sense! This is probably (although not definitely) the way stuffy office workers see themselves. Dem be right by de beach, boiiiii! Lawda marcy.


This also follows their "Get Happy" preview nicely.

So if you ever see a carload of [your boring office park-dwelling company here] employees clambering out of a Beetle at the Ruby Tuesday talking like Bob Marley, please suppress your urge to destroy them. It's not their fault. Blame it on the Beigekrieg.

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