Jalopnik's Twitch Channel Launches Tomorrow (For Real This Time)

Come hang out tomorrow afternoon as we play Gran Turismo 7

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Gif: Steve DaSilva

Last week, we told you all about our shiny new Twitch channel and its very definite launch date of Thursday, March 3. Due to some extremely normal and precedented events, we ended up spending most of that week away from our keyboards, consoles, and website, but never fear — we’re back, and worse than ever.

Tomorrow, March 10th, we’ll be launching our Twitch channel, for real this time. Join me and Adam Ismail as we explore the world of Gran Turismo 7, a game that echoes some of the greatest parts of racing games past — and a few of their faults too. You may even spot a few of our fellow staff in the chat, so come prepared with questions like “Hey Owen, why do you not have your driver’s license yet?” He loves that one.

While tomorrow’s stream is set on GT7, our future schedules are still up in the air. If there’s anything you want us to play, do, or discuss, let us know! We want it to be a place where we can really hang out with all of you dear readers, building the sorts of toxic and one-sided emotionally fulfilling parasocial relationships the kids all love so much.


We’ll be live at 4pm tomorrow, and at that same Bat-time every Thursday afternoon. Throw us on in a window at work, so the soothing dulcet tones of two car bloggers arguing over Dodge Viper generations can carry you out to the end of your workday. You’ll discover the faces and voices that accompany the words you read on this here wobsite, and find out if we look as punchable as we sound (we absolutely do).

See you tomorrow, 4PM on March 10th, on our Jalopnik Twitch channel. Snacks and drinks will not be provided.


Edited 3/9/22 7:21 PM: Steve, Knower Of Dates, wrote that tomorrow would be March 6th. He is wrong. Tomorrow, the date of the stream, will be March 10. He is very sorry and will look into learning what a calendar is.