Jalopnik Poll: A Real Live Meeting At The White House?

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After more delays than we can keep track of, the long-awaited meeting between President Bush and the automakers is finally here. After six long years, Bush has finally found time in his busy schedule to meet with the heads of the traditional big three — and boy, we're expecting it to be chock full o' meaty issues like fair trade, currency and health care. But with Bush's penchant for randomness — combined with FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally, the General's CEO Rick Wagoner and the CEO of the American side of the German-American hybrid, Tom LaSorda's glee at finally receiving an audience with the great King George, we're thinking they may sway off topic a bit. Given that, we've got the following important question for you, our astute readers, right below the jump:


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Bush To Automakers: "Yes, I'll Meet With You...After The Election...I Swear!" [internal]

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