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The White House yesterday claims to finally have decided to meet with US automakers in a meeting that's been scheduled and re-scheduled and now re-scheduled yet again, this time for after the mid-term elections. The boys n' girls at the center of the beltway finally confirmed to the Detroit News yesterday that "the White House and the Big Three automakers have agreed that it would be best to meet after the election." This comes later in the day after Michigan Guv Granholm urged Bush to:

"take some time this Friday to meet with our auto leaders to learn first hand about their efforts and how even a minimal amount of federal attention will help sustain this vital link in America's manufacturing economy."

Wethinks maybe the automakers shouldn't count their chickens before they've, you know, met with them โ€” this meeting's changed more times than we can count. And although the White House is trying to make it seem like they're not playing politics by not meeting with the traditional Big Three automakers โ€” the fact they're setting the meeting for after the mid-terms is, in and of itself, playing politics. Course, he'd be happy to sit down with them this Friday โ€” just make the check out to "The National Republic Caucus."

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