Jalopnik Needs Interns

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Hark! Open headers bellow in the distance — the call for a new Jalopnik intern is made. This is your chance to prove that you can do this job better than anyone else. It's time to put yourself out there.

If you want to spend way too much time in front of a computer and you're at least tangentially interested in automobiles, this is for you. Apply now to be the newest fantastic cog in the great Jalopnik machine.


The Basic Requirements:

  • Can Write
  • Can Photoshop
  • Can Humor
  • Can Punctual
  • Can Internet

Also of importance:

  • Live in the NYC area
  • Able to occasionally commute to our super ritzy SoHo offices
  • Know a great deal about cars
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, and all that jazz

When You Will Be Needed: You'll be needed five days a week, with a minimum of three hours of work per day. We'll take submissions through Wednesday and we'll start you as soon as we can.


How To Apply: Send us a cover letter and a resume by Thursday, June 7th. Send us writing samples and photo samples as well.

Make sure you put INTERNSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line, and send it to matt at jalopnik.com. If you fail these two tests, you will be immediately deleted and banished to driving a Prius for the rest of your days.