Jalopnik Music Videos: Five Hundred, I Hate Your Name...

This song's been running around the automotive blogosphere and forums for a few weeks now and appears to have been created by someone who goes by the name "Cliffster51." It's one of a group of four songs dedicated to the men and women of Ford Motor Company and have become popular enough even the Detroit News is humming along (who knew Bryce Hoffman had such good taste in music?). Let's just say the work of "Cliffster51" was so powerful and awe-inspiring friggin' hilarious we had to, just had to make a music video out of at least a couple of them (we wanted to do all four, but we ran out of night time). So without further ado, here's the first of our two forays into the music video genre with "500, I Hate Your Name." We hope you, and the mysterious "Cliffster51" enjoy it. Check back later in the day for the second video. [Hat tip to Andrew!]


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I, for one, welcome the new Taurus. The old one was suffering from serious bloat. The Five Hundred feels way more European (and I said as much in my reacharound). Oh, yeah, the song was OK, too. Could'a done with 'your name is not your friend,' but, still, OK.