Gwen "Chevrolet" Stefani, We Can Totally Out-Product Place Your Skinny Ass

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I don't know if anyone else has seen the new Chevrolet commercial Gwen Stefani music video for the new Chevy Tahoe her new song, "The Sweet Escape." Although the Chevy (and Buick!) reach-around paid product placement in the music video is pretty blatant, we think maybe they could have gone even further. As an example, we here at Jalopnik have put together the following video we've made highlighting what could have happened on the way to the GM Style event this past Saturday night below the jump. Let's look at it as a "how to" for celebs in how to give a real product placement handjob. And hey, we didn't even get paid for it — consider it a public service to publicity-seeking paparazzi-fodder everywhere.


Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape ~Feat Akon~ [YouTube]

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