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As a man once known as Samuel Clemens said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." Still, we love the paranoid delusional ramblings of a crazy man sitting in his mother's attic registering his hate throughout the world via the power and glory of teh internets. I mean, how funny is;

"6,000 ADDITIONAL men die in traffic accidents annually due solely to the higher accident rate of women drivers—twice as many lives as MADD claims to save each year from drunk drivers."


Seriously, how? And for the record, in 1996 1.7 Americans died for every 100 million miles driven, compared to 2.5 highly precise deceased weisswurst eaters. We also hope 100,000 sets of Jalopnik eyeballs blow the hell out of the bandwidth on his puny, $3.99 server.

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