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If you're disgustingly wealthy, a Lego version of a Ferrari F1 Car may not leave the same impression on you that it would on the average car nut. For that reason we recommend a luxury condo at the Autobahn Country Club Joliet in lovely Joliet, Illinois. For just $300,000 you can own a condo with storage for your vintage race car and enjoy racetrack privileges. Of course, then you have to go to Joliet, Illinois. Product info below:

"Own a luxury condo starting at $300,000 in the Autobahn Country Club Joliet with permanent indoor auto storage space. Imagine driving your exotic sports car or racecar on a safe, fast road racing circuit on your own schedule! There are 40 luxury condos within the 125,000 sq. ft. speed pavilion."


[DuPont Registry]

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