Jaguar XJS-C, The Car For Small Town Closeted Gay Voyeurs

We're really starting to like Stick Shift, Vanity Fair's weekly gay car blog. It explains to us the intricacies and variations of the gay psyche in a language we can understand: cars. Take, for instance, that really nice middle-aged guy who runs the local antiques shop. He's always inviting you and your teenage friends over to get high and he lives alone in a big old house that he can't quite afford to keep up. Which is kind of like his car: An old Jaguar XJS convertible. It's got tears in the top, the motor that raises it blew out years ago and the interior smells like mold mixed with Calvin Klein Obsession. He thinks it makes him look like the kind of upper class English man that calls himself The Major, when in reality it makes him look like someone living a lifestyle they can't quite manage. Everyone knows a disaster is looming (in the car's case, it'll require a new engine; in The Major's, an out-of-state move) except for the eternally optimistic owner. [Stick Shift]


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