Jaguar-Land Rover Plans to Hire Hundreds of Laid Off Twitter, Amazon and Meta Employees

The three tech companies have laid off tens of thousands of workers in the past few weeks.

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A champaign colored Land Rover Range Rover parked next to a silver Jaguar I-Pace.
Photo: Jaguar-Land Rover

If you’re a tech worker looking for a new job because you used to work at Twitter, Amazon or Meta, you might want to check out Jaguar-Land Rover. The company is reportedly looking to hire hundreds of engineers to work on and develop electric vehicles and artificial intelligence.

According to Reuters, the British company’s Indian owners, Tata Motors, is looking to fill 800 roles for jobs in anything from self-driving tech to machine learning and data science. This is a lead up to the JLR’s announced goals of being an “electric-first” business by 2025. Jaguar is supposedly going to be all-electric by that date, and Land Rover will offer electric variants of its products.

The company is hiring jobs in Britain, Ireland, the United States, India, China and Hungary. Most of the jobs will reportedly be in England, and they will be split between JLR’s Gaydon and Manchester facilities.


Jaguar-Land Rover’s Chief Information officer told the outlet that in the past these jobs were hard to fill, but that is no longer the case due to all of the billionaire fuckery we are seeing.

“It’s fortuitous for us, and definitely others, that there is now this huge availability of talent at a time when we’d already planned to move forward,” the spokesperson told Reuters.


It’s a move that comes after tens of thousands of employees at the Silicon Valley trio of companies had been laid off in the past few weeks. Twitter has let go over half of its employees, Meta (Facebook to you and me), cut over 11,000 jobs and Amazon is right behind it at about 10,000 jobs eliminated.

So, Musk’s, Bezos’s and Zuckerberg’s losses can be JLRs gain, it would seem.