It's Okay To Be A Bit Terrified Of This Engine Puppet

As all of you probably know, it's World Puppetry Day. Who am I kidding? Of course you knew. I'm probably interrupting you getting ready for some big local puppetry event as we speak. My apologies. I just thought, in honor of the day, you should see these pictures of a creepy-but-very-well-done car engine puppet.

This puppet, which looks to be some sort of mid-'70s era American V6 or V8, was (at least in part) built by puppeteer and puppet maker Sandy Cooke for some project. I emailed her, but as of press time haven't heard back.


What we do know is puppetized engines have eyes and mouths growing out of their air cleaners, they seem to be a bit gruff and sinister, and there's one probably lurking under your hood as we speak.

Just waiting.

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