Let me see...you fly to a foreign country, filled with beer and racetracks. Somebody hands you the keys to a 580 wheel horsepower drift car and a beater BMW. All you have to do is drive the wheels off of them. Not sure it gets better than that.

Yep, it's another glimpse into the life of professional New Hampshiran, hoonster, and drifter-for-hire Ryan Tuerck. He went to the UK, thrashed some cars, and lived to tell the tale.


Oh, and whoever was driving that go kart chase car is either really brave or really dumb. One of the two.

(UPDATE: The go kart driver is none other than Andy "Danger" Laputka, responsible for more great drifting videos than you probably realize, like the Off Seasons vids. Here he is getting his pants torn in half.)

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