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It's Like A Cloud Of Furious Bees

Well, not actual bees, just the entomological wail of a race-prepped Mazda rotary, trapped inside a Mazda RX3 and racing through the 2010 Rally New York Autumn Rally Sprints. It is one of the loudest rally cars you'll ever hear.


Epic-sounding rally cars are nothing new here, but there's always time for more appreciation of the racket of a rotary.


If you want to hear more of the growing din of a race-prepped Mazda, you must, must watch this video of a 787b roaring down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. It is not to be missed.

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TyFc3s-A car hating millennial

I fear that youtube has no more Rotary videos to offer that i havent seen... so it looks like ill have to just listen to this for hours on end... again..

That sound is just so orgasmic, i will never stray from the rotary path of awesomeness...