The driver of the 5.0 Mustang GT is in Program Management for Ford SVT. The driver of the CTS-V Wagon is a GM Powertrain Engineer. This double burnout is what happens when Big Three employees want to blow off some steam.

Here's how our tipster explained how the smoke fest happened.

Matt Trombley Photography (all photos courtesy of him) was looking to do a burnout photo shoot and our friend Brad's CTS-V wagon (yes THE car that blew its side airbags on power tour) needed new rear tires so I mounted up some scraps on my Mustang and joined him for a little hooning.


Let's see that Mustang tear up some more of its tires, shall we?

And there more video of the Cadillac ripping it, right here.

Remind me to move to Michigan and become an engineer, please.