Italians Invade Washington: Alfa 159 Spotted!

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Reader Chris was minding his own business after work when he happened upon an Alfa Romeo 159, rumored to be the vehicle that'll spearhead the brand's return to the US market. Take it, Chris.

"Saw a new Slfa Romeo 159 in Redmond, WA about an hour ago on the Microsoft Campus. i was leaving my office to take my '88 Trooper (2nd car ... great ski/dog hauler) to Novus for windshield repair when i spotted a new, grey Alfa 159 with white tape on bumpers/lower doors cruising slowly through the MS campus. Unfortunately it was two lanes away and I fumbled the camera phone and dropped it on the floor, so no accompanying pic. I know Spinelli's a bit of an Alfa freak so thought you'd like to know. Wonder if this is any indication that alfa is a bit closer to returning to the US?


We'd take that as a yes, Chris. But then, we're Alfoptimists, as opposed to Alfoptometrists, which is a whole 'nother field.

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