On Alfa Romeo's Return to the US Market: The 159 Sedan

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Edmunds Inside Line reports on Alfa Romeo's predicted return to the US, and road tests the Euro-spec Alfa 159 — the most likely candidate for American import — in Germany. Alfa's new leader Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, formerly the boss of BMW's M division of high-performance tuners, is indicating that the US is a crucial market for the company and that the 159 is the model that will face down his former employer's stateside juggernaut — though he hasn't given specifics on timing or models. Another shocker: A new Alfa Spider will be among the models on the first boat over. We may just have to take that day off.

Sport, Style, Quality: Hallmarks of the 159, the Flagship Sedan for Alfa's Return to the U.S. [Edmunds]


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