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Photo: Gurgel

It’s the end of the week! We did it! TOGETHER. Friday feels like a good time to remind everyone about the air-cooled VW-powered, plasteel-bodied Brazilian, especially the X-15, which was doing that Cybertruck aesthetic decades before Tesla thought to. Why aren’t more people importing these now? With Microbus prices so high, these should be selling like whatever the Brazilian equivalent of hotcakes are.


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Comment Box Sanitation Dept. - never sticks to cars

Funny how it’s nicknamed Jipão; just the other day in the comments of one of the many recent Bronco articles I was mentioning how the portuguese word for off road vehicle is jipe, a phonetic interpretation of the word Jeep. The -ão suffix conveys the idea of greater or larger in comparison to the regular version of the word which is funny because these look tiny.