It’s Monday, everyone, so welcome back to productivity, to honest work, to getting shit done. Just like these hard-working Americans are doing in their Chevy trucks and—wait.

Those are RVs and campers and horse trailers and, what’s that, a boat?

These people aren’t doing jack. They’re having fun. And we all have to work, and that guy in the El Camino is taking his horses out to brunch or something. They’re probably going to meet that guy in the van with the boat, and take those horses boating.


While we all work. What nerve. Thanks a lot, Chevy drivers.

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These pictures are ridiculous. You can’t tow things with a vehicle that has less than 450hp and 7000 torques. We only recently became able to tow things when the F250's output exceeded that of an Ambrahms tank,

Ask any 1 ton truck owner.

They NEED their truck just to get a TV home from the mall, let alone deal with their boat.