Isuzu: What To Drive When The Giant Lizards Come

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As I've mentioned before, I have an Isuzu pickup I'm pretty fond of, and part of why has to do with Isuzu's understanding of what a driver really needs.

And I'm not talking about towing capacity or fuel economy or payload or any of that crap. I mean real issues, like what they show in this terrific ad. Why you should drive an Isuzu truck when the giant lizards come. That's information I can use. Modern truck ads are just slick ways of avoiding these questions.


I'll stick with my Isuzu. When those giant lizards come, I'll be ready. Plus, I hear it works equally well if they're giant monkeys, too.

Thanks for reminding me of this, T.Mike!

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Any one else think of the 6000 SUX? (Which of course make you also think of the Ford Taurus.)