Is Your Car A Supercar?

Just like every kid is special, just about every fast automobile is a 'supercar' these days. What about your own ride?

Today I argued that a real supercar should really be a pretty bad car by ordinary car standards to meet the grade. Reader charski took my sentiment literally.


I would like to state the case that my 2000 S-10 is this stinking close to supercar status, if not completely there, for the following reasons:

1. It commonly sits in my garage awaiting front end rebuilds that cost as much as a third the current value of the car.

2. People $&*! themselves when they see me go by 'cause that loose front end and 180,000 miles gives the distinct impression that I almost ended their lives, but just barely missed them, whew!

3. If you knew where my truck has been, you'd be just as worried as I am about getting syphilis from 10 feet away.

4. My S-10 is hands down the most extreme example of the smallish truck EVAR, except for the ZR-2, the Tacoma, and a few other un-named exampes. (Weak, I know)

5. If there was ever a candidate for the unexpected mechanical malfunction, my 'lil Chevy fits that slot like our local alchoholic fits the stool at the bar "Group Therapy".

6. It's the crook unfriendly, undrivable "manual" version. No Supercar can be anything else, amiright?

7. Lets tick some boxes, shall we? Wheel arches? In spades! Fender flares? Shuh..with the bolts showing, no less. Wing? Does a shell count as a wing? (yes, just ask any truck owner that wants that extra top end speed)...

8. The oil cap on my Supercar/Truck is more of an arming switch than cap.

When the dust settles on this one, the result will be obvious to everyone.

Is your car crappy enough to count as a supercar? Make your argument in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Ed Callow

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