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Is This The World's Most Hideous Aventador?

Illustration for article titled Is This The Worlds Most Hideous Aventador?

The World's Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner gave his 'Concubine' this, the worst Valentine's Day present ever.


He professed his love through this wrap and on his Team Salamone Facebook page.

Dear Concubine, Your Chariot Awaits. From the moment I saw you I canceled my plans for the rest of my life and placed your name on every moment of every day. You are the co-driver of my life. This is not a relationship it is an Adventure! We are the same. If I was a woman I would be you. If you were a man you would be me. We are perfect for each other. Happy Valentines Day! #ILOVEYOUSOMUCH


Never change, Salamone. Never change.

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Brian, The Life of

Sorry Ralphie but, "worst Valentine's Day present ever?" Are you fucking kidding me? 

Wait, I'm sure your right that ANY woman would rather have a dozen roses and a box of See's than an Aventador.