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Is This The World's Best Driven BMW?

Illustration for article titled Is This The Worlds Best Driven BMW?

I'm struggling for words to describe everything mind-blowingly awesome in this video of Garo Haroutiounian in his BMW E46 hillclimb car.

Ok, let me try and get to all the points individually.


on real roads

in a real car

with a straight six wailing away

inches from stone walls

and spectators

over crests

over jumps

and faster than anyone else who turned up at the event.

You've seen Mr. Haroutiounian before (right here and right here), and here he is again at the Falougha hillclimb in Lebanon.


I'm willing to say that his stripped, caged, race-prepped and very orange E46 may well be the best-driven BMW in the world.


If there's a distillation of what BMW is, I'm not sure anything else gets as close.

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I challenge you to write one great and positively awesome article about an AMG.

Just one.

Versus 12 billion about M3's.