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The mid-engined “Corvette” (which I suspect will not actually be called a “Corvette” but will be called something else with a much dumber name, fight me) has been an elusive beast for decades now. But it looks like GM is working on a mid-engined twin-turbo V8 something, and this might be a hint of what it sounds like.


Youtube user Big Ersk was driving along when he stumbled upon two pickup prototypes moving in a convoy with said mid-engined something. Around 1:12 in, you can hear the briefest glimpse of the engine as the car tries to speed away from the prying camera:

The thing that’s weirding me out though is that even though we’ve seen CAD images of GM’s mid-engine twin-turbo V8 project, and GM inadvertently confirmed to some extent that they were real, this one doesn’t really sound like a V8 to me, and especially not an American V8. I know, I know, American V8s quite thankfully deviate from the standard “V8 NOIZE” of yesteryear, and turbos muffle engine noise, but even then – doesn’t this tiny hint sound like a V6?


Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe it’s definitely a V8, and there’s just something funny going on with a random camera microphone and a car speeding away.

But American V6 mid-engine monsters exist. Ford makes one. No reason there can’t be another.

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