The Noise Of The Ford Mustang GT350R Will Rip Your Face Off

There is only one word to describe the furious sound being screamed at you from the new 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-350R. Savage.

Holy crap. That is seriously berserk, unlike pretty much anything else on the market today. As it should be, considering that it’s pretty much the only modern flat-plane crank V8 from an American manufacturer. It’s not just a big bellow like an old Shelby Mustang V8, or a wild scream like a modern Ferrari flat-plane V8.

It’s like a banshee had a child with an elephant, who then had their own secret lovechild with Mad Max’s Immortan Joe.

It’s perfect.

And better yet, Ford told us there isn’t any sort of weird audio-trickery going on here, besides good old-fashioned factory-fresh engineering. There are no speakers playing pre-recorded audio tracks inside the car. Or any speakers in this car in general, seeing as it’s Ford’s own GT350R. It’s just the real exhaust, once you hit the special button that makes sure you don’t want up the neighbors in the morning. In fact, most of this audio in this video was ripped straight from the GoPro cameras.


So what you hear is what you get.

And right now, I’m sure we’re all totally getting an American flat-plane crank V8 that revs to over 8000 RPM.

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That excites me.