Even More Leaked Mid-Engine Corvette CAD Images Show New Twin-Turbo V8

You may remember earlier this month when we showed you some leaked CAD images of the upcoming mid-engine’d C8 Corvette. You may also recall that those images were proven to be real because GM’s lawyers told us, without really telling us so. Well, it’s happening again, but this time we’ve got an even better look at that engine that’ll be sitting, for the first time in a ‘Vette, right behind you.

The leaked engine has been a number of places online, including in this tweet:


It does appear to be a twin-turbo V8, and it does seem to have dual overhead cams, and a pretty large angle there between the cylinder banks.

Our pal Bozi points out that the engine appears similar to GM’s 3.6-liter turbo V6 LGW engine, at least as far as the arrangement of the turbochargers is concerned. Bozi also notes that the heads appear to have the exhaust manifolds cast into them, and that the arrangement of the serpentine belt is quite similar.

According to the tweet there, the new V8 will be called the LT7, and “will likely form the basis of GM’s next-generation V8 engine architecture.”

This engine does appear to be different than the one seen in the previous leaked images, which was identified as an LT1.


Looking at the images next to one another, it’s clear they’re different engines; the more recent engine image shows a very different exhaust manifold design, turbo locations, and intake manifold design, which sort of resembles a pair of business ends of a Dyson vacuum.


The engine’s cradle there appears to be the same/similar to the one in the previous leak, too.

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