Is this the quickest Corvette ZR1 in the world?

A few months back, Late Model Racecraft of Houston, Texas showed us what it was like to go 231 mph in a twin-turbo, 1,500-hp Corvette. Now they're schooling us again, doing the quarter mile in 9.68 seconds at 147 mph. Great butter pecan, that's quick.

LMR's "fastest in the world" claim may not be backed up by the Guinness people, but the numbers do make a hell of a claim of their own. Did we mention that 1,500-hp was at the wheels?

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

1500hp is impressive for a street car, but 9.69 from 1500hp is not impressive at all, even on street tyres.

I don't care how powerful or how much potential a car has...

...if it can't turn that power into traction, it's a slow car.