What 231 mph in a Corvette feels like

This weekend events at the Texas Mile included a new record speed for a Corvette in the standing mile of 231 mph. What does it take? A twin-turbo Z06 with north of 1,500 horsepower at the wheels — and maybe a better transmission.


Late Model Racecraft had maxed out its dyno testing a 441-cubic-inch, twin-turbo Corvette, and for this run Saturday, faced not only top speed but a headwind north of 20 mph. While aiming for 250 mph on a second run, the 'Vette's transmission gave up its ghost; the team's similarly powerful Camaro managed to top 240 mph, despite headwinds gusting to 30 mph. Y'all want to pay attention to that, given how easy high-speed 'Vettes can transform into aircraft.



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