Is This The Plushest Automotive Interior Ever Made?

You're looking at the Lancia Medusa, a largely-forgotten concept car from ItalDesign. It was built as an aerodynamic study off of a midengined Lancia Beta Montecarlo chassis, but I like to remember it for its interior.

Just so you know, here's what the outside looks like.


Ok yeah that's all well and good, but now let's get back to the important stuff.

The steering wheel that includes all your important buttons, functions, and digital clock face. This means the rest of the interior doesn't have much to feature.

And then it's free to just be covered in what looks like soft, sweet corduroy.

I think it looks pretty plush in there, but surely you can find a car made with an even more sumptuous and comfortable interior.


Post your favorite below.

Photo Credit: ItalDesign


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