At an asking price of $224,500 you would have to imagine it is. There’s one thing about it that makes the seller think it’s worth the price.

That’s the 5.7 liter V10 out of a BMW E60 M5 stuffed into the shell of this 1989 E30 M3.

The work looks like it’s very well done, but as BuildRaceParty points out, the whole joy of the E30 M3 is its light balance and that’s exactly what a big V10 would lose.


The S85 V10 is likely in the range of 100 kilos heavier than the original S14 inline four, if a couple of German-language forum threads are to be believed.

Price or not, this is an incredible-looking machine. It’s in Southern California but the listing says it can be shipped worldwide.


Find the full eBay listing right here.


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